Ghost Stories – Marlowe Theatre, Canterbury 03.03.2020

I was excited to be attending tonight’s press night with my other half, being that this current production at the Marlowe was right up his street – it was also good to have him there for protection…you’ll understand why.

After a successful run in West End, Jermey Dyson and Andy Nyman are introducing the rest of the UK to their intriguing yet terrifying stage production Ghost Stories. The story is in the name itself and focuses around three stories of three separate individuals who have witness or been involved in a paranormal/ghost scenario. All of which are studies of a Professor Goodman…and that is how much detail I can go into about the story, as I am sworn to secrecy by order of the writers – I shall oblige.

Being a fan of the paranormal and I honestly am a believer that there is life among us – having had ‘an experience’ myself when I was younger. I was so excited about finally catching this play, from the very start the audience are on the edge of their seats! To say that this play engages with its audience would be too little, it engulfs you, with your heart pounding from the scares and jumps. Each time giving you an adrenaline rush with many of the audience jumping/covering their faces/screaming in reaction to what they were viewing, to then burst into fits of giggles from the nervous shock. All your senses are treated and heighted dramatically thanks to the special effects from Scott Penrose ensuring that you are fully included in each of the stories – it was such an amazing way to really engage you. I LOVED IT!

This is all complimented well with the support of the Lighting, sound and Set Design created from the minds of Jon Bausor, Nick Manning,and James Farncombe, from every scene change you are blown away but what appears on the stage and yet helps bring you into the story. They also very much captured the atmosphere of each scene to help the story telling perfectly.

This is all possible also with four superb actors who did the story telling. Joshua Higgott portrayal of Proffessor Goodman is strong yet you always felt there was something more to him. Then there were the 3 story tellers, Simon, Tony, and Mike played by Gus Gordon, Paul Hawkyard, and Richard Sutton all embodied their characters excellently. What I liked however, was they also brought a little light hearted comedy to break the tension at times and give the audience a moment to relax before going back to being on edge.

Ghost Stories delivers what it promises from the get go, especially from the experiences and emotions you go through in just 90mins. The warning of no under 15s and those with a nervous disposition should not be ignored, my partner for one was getting double the shocks with me sitting next to him and constantly grabbing him for protection! If this is your genre this is the show for you and I highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for a good thrill and witness an amazing piece of the theatre.

Playing at the Marlowe theatre until Saturday 7th March 2020, for all ticket information go here. It will then continue on its UK tour, for all dates and information head here.

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