‘Lets Talk About Brexit…’ – Little England, Museum of Comedy, London. 14.11.2018

Ian Dixon Potter always amazes me with the many stories he creates and directs, having seen three of his past productions tonight I will be viewing my fourth. What I love is all productions are different from one another, but all display a strong meaning – this one a little close to home!

Based in the future in Stoke-on-Trent 2024, England had finally left the EU and with it comes new sinister immigration laws. Heidi having made her life in England, has lost her job and in doing so faces immediate deportation. However, with the help of a mother and son she finds a home within a new uncertain place in Little England. But will she remain safe?

The story itself is displayed perfect with tongue in cheek British humour, something I wasn’t expecting and to be as funny as it was. It makes fun of its self and doesn’t take itself too seriously – something us British are particularly good at with comedy! The majority of the comedy comes from mother Dorothy, who excels at her comic timing and personality of the elderly age we all know today!

But not only is the humour brilliant, this production gives us a small glimpse in a surreal future that may be with our choice of leaving the EU. Shining a light on some very fair points about the situation we are currently facing as an economy in particular the working environment and jobs, what could be of our food trade and the currency. For me it really hit home, completely mirroring Ralph’s- played excellently by Richard de Lisle views and opinions, knowing I too have had those types of conversations with my grandfather who wished to have his ‘Britain’ back.

But not only do we see it through British eyes, we also see it from the perspective of those who have come to England for a better life. Heidi played by Clare Aster, demonstrates the vunerability of those who have only wished for the best. Working hard prior to leaving the EU to then stand up for herself and fight to work when it’s taken away. Clare demonstrates this very well and you see the emotions and fear that she has for her future but, determined to have the normal life she deserves. Her relationships with Dorothy and Ralph are clearly displayed and you can see how safe she feels with them and how they feel about her.

There is not one production that I have seen of Ian Dixon Potter that I haven’t been left pondering and reflecting on the subject. With the classic British humour, your left smiling and chucking in your seat throughout at the future. I’m looking forward to learning whether he got any part of it right!

Little England plays at the Museum of Comedy until Sunday 18th November, for ticket information go here. For further information about the Golden Age Theatre, go here

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