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‘The Perfect Crime…’ Dial M for Murder, Orchard Theatre. 27.01.2020

After a week without a theatre trip, it was back to the Orchard Theatre for tonight’s viewing. The first play production of 2020 goes to Frederick Knott’s Dial M for Murder. The Thriller is set in the 60s, based in the living room of former professional tennis player Tony and his wife Margot. On discovering that his wife has been… Read more →

2019 Viewing Round Up

And so, another year is coming to an end – where has it gone?!? As far as years go, this one hasn’t been too bad personal and with viewing, a little less than what I saw last year but then 2020 is looking to be quite interesting! Especially with the Theatre Tokens I got for Christmas and Birthday and also… Read more →

‘Looking For Some Hot Stuff, Baby this Evening…’ The Full Monty, Churchill Theatre, Bromley. 22.10.2018

After less than a week apart I was back at the Churchill Theatre to begin yet another two show week, it was a perfect one to kick start it! The Full Monty returns in its current 2018/2019 UK tour, this award winning play by Simon Beaufoy tells the story of six unemployed men-four of them former steel workers, who decide to… Read more →

‘Tell Them How I am Defying Gravity…’ Wicked, Apollo Victoria Theatre, London. 21.11.2017

I was delighted to have received a text from a friend, whom I had met during a production. We started talking in the interval and hit it off right away, she had come to receiving free tickets to the Tuesday evening performance and kindly invited me. How could I say no? I was so excited to be returning back to… Read more →

“We Are Such Stuff as Dreams Are Made On, and Our Little Life is Rounded With a Sleep.” – The Tempest, Barbican Theatre, London. 29.07.2017

It was a Saturday; Graham was out fishing for the weekend so it was up to me as to what I wanted to do. I was pondering it all week with the idea that I had, unsure if it was going to be the right choice…oh it was! I got up early to head out for a day in London… Read more →

‘Don’t Cry For Me Argentina…’ Evita, Orchard Theatre, Dartford. 30.05.2017

After a couple of weeks apart it was back for another press night at the Orchard Theatre. Tonight’s viewing was the UK tour of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s and Tim Rice’s Musical Evita. I took my seats in the upper circle, Row E seat 13, my view was fine with no obstructions, faces visible and the full stage seen throughout. Would recommend these… Read more →

‘Life’s Not Worth a Dam, Till You Can Say…I am, What I am.’ – La Cage Aux Folles, The Orchard Theatre, 09.05.2017

I was very happy to be returning to The Orchard Theatre for this week’s press night. What was nice was that I didn’t know much about this production, so I was excited at what to expect. Myself and my friend Grace took our seats in the upper Circle, row C seats 20 and 21. Our view – as expected, was… Read more →