Zog and the Flying Doctors, Orchard West Theatre, Dartford. 27.04.2024

Following the past weekend viewing, I was excited that it wasn’t too long until myself and Maisie’s next theatre trip! This time however, was a little more accustomed to the little ones! So, on a chilly April morning we were off to Orchard West theatre for the current production Zog and the Flying Doctors.

Zog, a super keen student turned air-ambulance, butlands with a crash-bang-thump. joined by his Flying Doctor crew, Princess Pearl and Sir Gadabout, they journey to treat a sunburnt mermaid, a unicorn with one too many horns and a lion with the flu. However, Pearl’s uncle, the King, has other ideas about whether princesses should be doctors, and soon she’s locked up in the castle back in a crown and a silly frilly dress. With a bit of help from some friends and half a pound of cheese, can Pearl make her uncle better and prove that anyone can be anything they wish to be?

Based on Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler’s bestselling sequel novel , Freckle Productions are back. This would be the first, in a while children’s production I have been to and it was so lovely to share it with Maisie. Although worried this time she would be a bit anxious with the lights down in the auditorium she was captivated with what she was watching on stage. She in particular, really enjoyed all the musical numbers written by Joe Stilgoe, accompanied by some great dancing that had her wiggling in her seat and singing by the cast.

The set was simple but the costumes were striking and colourful that allowed them to light up when on stage and eye catching to everyone. Another favourite for Maisie was the puppets, especially when Zog flew into the sky carrying his doctors with him she would wave hello. The show it self ensured that the audience felt included by audience participation which, allowing them to understand the message – you can be who every you want to be, no matter who you are! Dancing was encouraged, especially during the Unicorn with two horns disco number and the finale which Maisie eagerly obliged.

The cast also, were full of energy even with it being an early start on a three show day, Ethan Jay Scott as Zog had a great introduction with a warming voice to make sure the kids fell in love with Zog even before he donned the full costume! Doctors Edward Conroy and Emily Attridge Cox as Gadabout and Pearl also had great energy, voices and character that made them an instant favourite with the audience. All three were accompanied by James Stirling and Darcy Manning playing the numerous characters along the tail each with different characters, voices that made you think the cast was bigger than it was.

Zog and the Flying Doctors is a great show for all the little ones to enjoy especially those who love all of Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffler’s books. A great introduction for Theatre and I will defiantly be keeping an eye out on any Freckle productions that might be on the Horizon.

This production flys out of the Orchard West today, but continues on its UK tour with its next Landing at the Churchill Theatre, Bromley. For all ticket information and future dates head to their link here.

Another successful theatre trip with Maisie 🙂

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